“This book kept me on the edge of my seat…”

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“When I offered to review Leah’s book, I wasn’t expecting much. A quick read, then I’d write up a little review and move on with my life. Let me tell you something–I could not stop thinking about this book after I read it…” – Maddy Wilson

Review from Debi Pearl

“Leah’s passion for the history of her area is revealed in this carefully crafted novel, The Rebels of Florida. History buffs, this one is for you. Leah…has a GIFT FOR WRITING.”

-Debi Pearl, best selling author


“Stunning work of historical fiction…”

“First, let me get this off my chest:



It took me a pretty long time to read through this book because of the author’s skill in presenting it.

This is a book about war. It’s not pretty, it’s not easy, but it is a vitally important subject for teens and young adults to understand, and Ms. Oxendine presents it tastefully and gracefully, while not ‘sanitizing’ or ‘purifying’ it. War is not sanitary or pure and to show it as such, which I have seen done before, is to do a disservice to the human race as a general body. I was thoroughly impressed with The Rebels Of Florida and will probably be buying a paperback for my historian brother for Christmas.

Recommended for 17+. Contains some language and a good deal of violence.”

-Annie Twitchell

“…She has helped me achieve my goals…”

“Huge shout out to Leah Oxendine at Planet Fitness. I appreciate her time and help as a fitness trainer. She has helped me achieve my goals and always has the time to answer my questions no matter how silly they may seem.”

–Kathy Bailey, 03/24/17

“Leah is an absolute joy.”

“Leah is an absolute joy. Included in either of your [Planet Fitness] memberships is Leah to design your own personal workout program if you want and will even take you around the gym and show you how everything works and what’s best for you. She puts the icing on the cake in going there.”

– Shifra Schacker, January 2017

“I am very pleased with the trainer, Leah, I am working with.”

“I am very pleased with the trainer, Leah I am working with. She is very knowledgeable about all the areas needed to tone up and work on and especially planning out goals to reach. I look forward to going there each week.” – Julie Ann Figueroa-Casabo, 11/8/16

“Oh, wow. This book was intense.”

Oh, wow. This book was intense. I love reading stuff that makes me feel some sort of emotion, and this whole book did a good job with that. [Includes] one of the most well written battle scenes I’ve ever read.

-Eva Schon