Music has been a fundamental part of Leah’s life ever since she was eleven years old. She began learning piano, and it all took off from there! Her primary instrument is the pianoforte, but beyond that, she also plays a vintage accordion, Appalachian mountain dulcimer, ukulele, Irish bodhran, organ, guitar, mandolin, Civil War tension snare drum, and she enjoys singing.

She has performed piano and taught piano theory and technique since she was fifteen. She has played at various church services in North Florida, and performed at her own solo concert in Dunnellon, Florida, in 2015. From age sixteen to age eighteen, she was the keyboardist for a local Christian southern rock band, Southern Son. She enjoys playing anywhere where she can spread the gift of music.

Another band that Leah helped organize and participate in is the Civil War all-female group, Southern Lights. Along with her three friends, she performed period 1860s traditional music at Civil War reenactments across the state. She also has played period 1860s music on dulcimer at the nationally-acclaimed Battle of Perryville, Kentucky, in 2016.


Currently, Leah plays solo at reenactments and outdoor festivals primarily. However, she welcomes any opportunity to make music, whether it is a historical event, festival or indoor gathering. Leah has been described as a musician with a diverse range of music styles and ability to adapt.

Leah has composed over a dozen pieces for the piano, as well as several songs for voice and guitar. She has also begun music creation via electronic music production.

You can hear some of her compositions and performances on her YouTube Channel. Also check out her SoundCloud page. Use the Contact form to find out more information on bookings for events.


You can find me playing the snare drum in the 3rd Florida Infantry reenacting unit, in this video of the 2019 Olustee Reenactment. (Yes, I’m dressed as a man! (female soldier in disguise)
At about 3 minutes in, you can see me playing accordion at the Habitat for Humanity Strawberry Festival 2020.
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