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Readers are saying…
“…If you enjoy deep poetry that expresses real emotions, you’ll love this.”
Keturah Lamb, Author/Blogger
“Sometimes traditional and sometimes freestyle, Ms. Oxendine’s poetry has something for everyone. Her italicized wisdom-thoughts are sparkling, and her own illustrations are spot-on visuals of her poems. The book begins in pits of darkness, but ends in rays of God’s glorious light. I recommend When My Soul Bleeds Words for anyone struggling with themselves and life; you aren’t alone.”
– Sheridan E. Claude, Author and Screenwriter
When My Soul Bleeds Words is an honest look at what it means to be human. Even more, what it means to have faith in the midst of raw, broken humanity. This collection is raw and real. It doesn’t shy away from hard truths and, in the end, it fills you with the hope that though we may be broken, healing is on its way.”
– Brian McBride, author of Love and the Sea and Everything in Between
“A vulnerable, raw, yet hopeful look into the heart of the author as she pens down many of the hurts we all push down yet crave for others to understand.”
– Dr. Raymond Force, author & marriage counselor 

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About | About Leah Oxendine

About Leah Oxendine (Miller)

About Leah Oxendine

Leah Oxendine has been writing, drawing and creating ever since she was little.   She is married and is the proud mom of a beautiful baby boy, Shiloh. She enjoys presenting living history demonstrations at American Civil War reenactments. And as Florida’s one-and-only female infantry snare drummer, she is also very passionate about music and can play 9 different instruments, including piano, which is her favorite. Besides enjoying her work as a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, author and music teacher, she is especially fond of strength training, travel, linguistics, Scottish Highland Games and collecting plants!

About Leah Oxendine (Miller)

About Leah Oxendine (Miller)

About Leah Oxendine (Miller)



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