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Hey, I’m Leah! I am simply a multi-faceted human offering a variety of services and creativity whenever I can. Whether you are looking for a certified personal trainer to help with your health goals, or you are interested in live music or perhaps a good book to read – welcome!

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Leah is a published author of two books which are available on Amazon and on this website.


Leah is a multi-instrumentalist and singer, as well as composer/songwriter. She plays lives acoustic music at events across north central Florida.

Personal Training

As a certified personal trainer for 6 years and counting, Leah is more than qualified to help you with your personal fitness goals. Are you interested in virtual/online coaching or in-person training? You have science-based, affordable options!

Outdoor Group Classes

Let me tell you something–I could not stop thinking about this book after I read it…” 

Maddie Wilson
Outdoor Group Classes

“Leah has helped me achieve my goals and always has the time to answer my questions.”

Kathy Bailey


Leah is based out of north central Florida.

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